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Can justice be measured?

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The idea which the question of the topic insinuates, is that, if at all justice can be measured, then it would be a measurement true in consistency, but not a measurement which would have an origin which could be called definite, or certain, to the measure of justice. I can, if I have the capacity, measure out the same justice to many, but, by all accounts, deliberate justice meted out, cannot be called a definite or certain measure of justice, because all circumstances are different by instances. Perhaps, when justice is meted out, then it absolves the person to whom justice is meted out, of all moral responsibility, on the matter of justice meted out. Who is ultimately responsible for justice, is it the person who experiences the effect of justice, or the superficial judge, who gives a judgment which may or may not, be seen as justice by the person experiencing the effect of judgment?


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December 15, 2011 at 12:58 pm

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