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How can India change for the better?

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I look at the many nations of the world, through the television media, and the print media. I see no difference in how the U S A, Italy, England, or any other nation is perceived, in the day to day existence, and how India is perceived. True, The U S A has less corruption, as has Great Britain, and Italy has more, but all the nations mentioned are perceived as not different from the other. I don’t want India to be a beacon for other nations. I would rather that India perceive her own greatness, and not through narrow prisms of GDP growth, and similar yardsticks. If 9% GDP growth was a true yardstick of the road to greatness, then India is stopping and starting and stuttering, presently. Do we want India to be measured as a great nation, or should India be a great nation, without any tangible reason, which may change in perception, sooner or later, for the worse?

The greatness of India, was not perceived in the past, (as we also perceive in the present, about the past), because India was said to be ‘The Golden Bird’. In actuality, those who saw India as great, and see India as great, had, or have, no doubt about the greatness of India. But, we as a nation, today, want India to be a great nation, ‘as she once was before’. I do not perceive the U S A as a great nation, as Swami Vivekananda once did perceive the spirit of the people of the United States. Today, the people of the United States, are not driven by the pioneering spirit, and vision, because that spirit and  vision is not required. Perhaps, the only preoccupation of the American’s is how to increase the GDP, and reduce the budget deficit, and how to be the leading business community in the world. I find it vaguely nonsense. How are the people of the United States perceived to be above their GDP, their budget surplus,(once they achieve that), and above business ethics? Surely, there is an ethic, above the business ethic? When we follow the business ethic, our lives represent business. How are our lives, less or more, than business commodities, when we follow this ethic?

And, I find, India, too, following this path, to “economic greatness”. We have perhaps, not understood, that we are trying to prove our greatness to ourselves, as we exist, just as the United States is proving her existence to herself, as great, in every existing moment. If India aspires to greatness, then what good is greatness, if it can be acquired, and lost, at the mercy of the winds of change? Or even, if one has to toil, to be great? Is not greatness inherent in a human being, or a nation? Is this search for greatness, the greatest chimera in acquiring greatness? A person is only great if he performs some deed, only performed by selected people, or not at all before him?

Is being great, a state of perception, or a state of existence, regardless of any perception? The people of the world, the more they try to consciously express their greatness, the more the rest are reminded of these people’s mortality.

Either, India is great, or is not. India cannot aspire to greatness, if she is not great already, and those who aspire for India’s greatness, do not see India, as great.


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July 1, 2011 at 10:01 am

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