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‘A page from history’ on Rajiv Gandhi.

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I was watching a program called ‘A page from history’, on India’s former and late Prime Minister, Mr Rajiv Gandhi. The panelists were very well informed, and their efforts were toward expanding the scope of their information using the information which they had. I was pleased to see the professor of history of Jawaharlal Nehru University, take part in the discussion, because I regard the university very highly.

Some ideas occurred to me, during the discussion. It was pointed out, that corruption was seen in the public domain, and to do with the interest of the public, after Rajiv Gandhi introduced liberalization. I have come to perceive, that before liberalization, corruption had nothing to do with the common man. It was perhaps, completely out of the sphere of influence and interest of the common man. The term corruption then, was only heard in the circles of business, which were considered as an identity by government circles. I do not mean petty corruption, but corruption perceived to have been indulged in by big business, (the giver-participant of corruption) and the government, (the taker participant of corruption). How was it known, that there was corruption before liberalization? This was because government officers took bribes, for even the smallest services, and were absolutely immune thereafter, it seemed, from persecution. Now, small services from the government did entail the giving of bribes. But, those in big business, too, used to say, that they had to encounter corrupt officials. They, I assume, also paid the corrupt officials.

But, like I have written earlier, the middle class, curiously, had nothing to do with corruption in high places, unless they encountered it, rarely, before liberalization. After Rajiv Gandhi, it became the business of the middle class, that there was alleged corruption in high places. I can only assume, that the middle class became affected, in some manner, by the alleged corruption in high places. The names of business and government personalities were mentioned, even before Rajiv Gandhi, because liberalization was started by Mrs Indira Gandhi. I believe, one gentleman was responsible for the furthering of liberalization in India, and he was a support to the Government of India, when the government considered liberalization. By the time of Rajiv Gandhi, liberalization was accelerated, by whatever rapidity could be mustered. Liberalization was not a prism, then, by which the majority of India viewed the future in an opaque manner. Mr Gandhi’s differences with Mr V P Singh are well documented, because of the course, presumably, of the perception of liberalization, of the two gentlemen.

It was also pointed out, that Rajiv Gandhi was irreplaceable after his death. I must point out, that there was a time, when neither Mrs Gandhi (Indira), nor Mr Rajiv Gandhi belonged to politics, so then, how were they so irreplaceable after their unfortunate assassinations? I felt hope, when I perceived Rajiv Gandhi for the first time, but, there must have been deep despair after the assassination of Mrs Indira Gandhi, among her close supporters.  We all remember the anti-Sikh riots of 1984.  Mr P V Narasimha Rao did not want to be Prime Minister. He wanted Rajiv Gandhi to be Prime Minister. I believe he went through the tenure of his Prime Ministership(Mr Rao), wistfully rueing the fact of the absence of Mr Rajiv Gandhi. The answer to the earlier question in the paragraph, is that the rest of the Congress, does not see itself in power, after elections, without the Nehru-Gandhi family. Mrs Sonia Gandhi has changed this sentiment, by bringing into political office people like Mr Chidambaram, Mr Mukherji, Mr Sibal, etc, et al. The party is bigger than Mrs Sonia Gandhi, in her estimation, but not in the estimation of ‘ordinary’ Congressmen./Congresswomen.

The fact of the matter is, only people who understand the significance of  the Indian Parliament, should be parliamentarians. Today, the reason why the U P A government is uncomfortable, is the same as to why Rajiv Gandhi was voted out of power.  The Congress cannot take the nation along, united. Because of the subservience of the Congress to their President, Mrs Sonia Gandhi, they see rival political factions as threats to Indian security, even though these political factions belong to Indian politics. Somehow, Mrs Gandhi also has come to believe this canard(what I believe it to be), and so has Mr Rahul Gandhi. The reason why Mrs Indira Gandhi was assassinated, was because she believed her party more, above all.


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May 29, 2011 at 12:36 pm

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