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Power structures in a democracy.

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In a democratic nation, many voices need to be heard. But, the democracy practiced, in many nations, may be of a flawed variety. For instance, ideally, in a democracy, the voices of all the sections, and segments of society need to be heard, and regarded. But, in reality, are the voices of the many poor, also as important, as those who are the important figures in economic, and industrial circles?

In fact, it is a great struggle, in a democracy, for any given government, to put all sections of society on an equal footing. Is it possible, for the government, to give an equal hearing to the grievances of the pauper, and the millionaire, alike? If it is possible, and if it is the case, then how is the government implementing this thought?

Does the government, in reality, disregard the local opinion, when it frames policies, for the larger picture? Can the government disregard the voice of the individual, when it makes policies for the greater number?  This will lead to the dis-satisfaction of the individual, who will exhibit his dis-satisfaction, because he is dis-satisfied. The state of affairs of the dis-satisfied member of the democracy, will be noted by other members of the democracy, who may note, that their turn to be dis-satisfied, may come sooner or later. The government may, if it chooses, look at these matters lightly, but is the government credible, in the eyes of a dis-satisfied individual?

The question I want to ask is, that should the government make decisions taking into account the grassroots of democracy, which is the individual, and other basic identities, or should it legislate laws from a high ground, for those who are not on the same high ground? Surely, if the government will take into account, the voice of the individual, then the individual has the choice, to deliberate with other members of his community, and a good consensus can be forged.

The government must ensure, that all matters to do with the individual, and basic groups in a democracy, are debated, by that individual and basic groups. This is important for the individual, and government. Perhaps, our system of government does not make this possible, and our government is encouraged to brand all dissent as an undesirable activity on the part of the individual, or basic group.


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April 27, 2011 at 2:13 pm

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