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How does one think?

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When a person gets ideas, about his environment, whether spiritual, mental, or physical, then what makes the person feel, at one time or another, that he may have been wrong about some, if not most of his ideas? Is one indulging in flights of fancy, even when one is trying to be very objective, in thought?

What is the cause of thought, in a human being? When it gets ideas about his/her environment, then, is the thought completely imagination, or is the thought also rooted in reality? In my opinion, a thought can only belong to the person who thinks, and he/she/it can only think about the environment, which includes the perception of the self.

Is an intellectual being creative, when he formulates thoughts about his environment? By the word ‘creative’, is intimated, that the intellectual is creating thoughts, and the thoughts are not occuring to him/her/it. In the case of the intellectual, is thought a flight of fancy? What then, causes the intellectual to create thought? What also causes the intellectual to accept the thought as a honest appraisal of his environment? Is thought dishonesty to the self? If not, then how can we feel, that our thoughts were not true, which occurred to us earlier? Some of us, even fight ourselves to feel that our earlier thoughts were not false.

It is true, in the case of thought, that the person thinks, and about his environment. I am coming to believe, that perhaps the human is as objective as can be, when he thinks, in a situation. What makes the human need to think in a situation? Perhaps, and this is a cliche, perhaps it is a need to find personal meaning, in a situation. Is ‘personal meaning’, and ‘objectivity’ far apart, in the realm of thought? Does a person need to believe, or does the person believe, because he cannot help it? Can it be, that the person wants to find personal meaning, and he is also as objective as he can be, in the realm of thought?

I have not found a satisfactory answer.


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March 7, 2011 at 1:51 pm

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Dealing with important issues to do with the self.

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How can intuition become an important tool, or rather, how can a person belong to his/her intuition, and how can the intuition belong to the person?

I have not realized this truth, but I have accepted it, because a great person realized it. The truth is, that God is the doer, of all that happens in the universe. Now, if we can accept this, then we can act in accordance to our perceptions. How can a person act in accordance with this realization? A person has to accept that he can feel both good and bad, and then he must take the responsibility of the aftermath, of feeling good, and bad. For example, if I feel inadequate in any manner, in what I am doing, then I must accept the feeling, and act in a manner, which makes me feel adequate. What is the cause of the inadequacy of feeling?  The cause is perhaps in our perceptions. Our perceptions of inadequacy. Our perceptions tell us, that we are inadequate in some manner, in our perceptions.  If we accept our negative perceptions, then what can change the perception? We have perhaps, already accepted our perceptions, but who can we blame for our perceptions? We cannot blame God, for our perceptions, because we do not feel, that God is the cause of our good perceptions, in the first place. God cannot be blamed, nor can he be thanked for our perceptions, because he is the cause of every happening in the universe. I am beginning to understand, what I did not fathom earlier. Perhaps, the biggest impediment of our works, is the idea, that we are the ‘doer’s. We cannot accept a change in our perception, if it is needed, because, the argument goes, “How can we be wrong in the first place”, if we are to be right later? Then, it could be argued further, that we  were right in perceiving our wrong perception.

How can we literally deal with our negative emotions in practice? If we are aware, that God is the doer of every emotion we feel, whether good, or bad, then we are in the place of a person in the deep end of the pool, albeit in an emotional manner.  It will not make news the day after, if we sink, or swim. Whether we are perceived as having swam or sunk, then the news of it after the morrow, and indeed in the morrow, too, is not really news. If all creation is in the same stage of existence, how long does it matter, who plays the lead role on the stage, and for how long?  If such may be the case, then why are we concerned about the role that we play? Because, in the playing of the role, we feel that the role is permanent, for as long as it lasts. This may be taken as a fault of our perceptions.

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March 5, 2011 at 1:04 pm

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