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Idea’s on human ability.

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In my humble opinion, human ability can be measured by various tests, but in a situation, what makes a human being act in a particular manner? A human being acts in a particular manner, in a given situation, because of many reasons. But, what is the cause of all human action? In my case, I want to act, without being influenced by my perceptions. I believe perception to be a cage, the most subtle type of cage, in which all willingly make themselves prisoners. When in the thralldom of perception, it is the perception which perceives, and not the perceiver. Let us look at the question: What perceives? Obviously, the organs of perception. What drives the organs of perception? I believe, themselves, too. If there is such a thing as a soul, then what need does the soul have, to direct the organs of perception?

So, if the cause of the organs of perception, are they themselves, then what is human ability, but a meaningless, directionless faculty? Look at what we aspire for. Does any meaning for it’s own sake, have any meaning? Does happiness for it’s own sake, have any meaning, apart from happiness? And if happiness stands alone, then what meaning does happiness have in isolation? Similarly, doing good or bad, does it have any meaning? I mean, if doing good or bad, makes us happy, then in the earlier example, of happiness having no meaning, good and bad have no meaning.

So, on what basis do we measure human ability, or human works? On what basis do we measure their utility?

In my opinion, it is not ability which is important, but how honest one can be with the self, in perception. Does a person have the ability to be dispassionate about his/her own perceptions? Can a person be aware, sometimes, that his perceptions are directed by his own perceptions, and not by his soul? Can a human being be aware, that his perceptions can change, and that what he sees as false, during a time, he may look at as true, during another time, because of the subtleties of the mind? I believe, if a human being can achieve this, then he may find some peace of mind. I am perhaps aware of these ideas, but not in a comprehensive manner.


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February 27, 2011 at 4:11 am

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