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The Naxal ideologue, and the tribal.

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In my humble and serious opinion, the Naxal problem in India has evolved, because the problem was not dealt with towards it’s termination. Some tribals may be acting in a way, which the Naxal Politbureau may disapprove about. A senior police officer gave his view on television, that Naxal’s had attacked the visitors to a temple, and killed indiscriminately. This is not what the Naxal ideologue Kishenji would have approved. I believe, these attackers were tribals, under the banner of Naxalism. On the ground, it is very difficult to distinguish between the Naxal, and the tribal. Perhaps, the Administration of India, is fighting the poorest of her poor, in her fight against Naxalism. A way has to be found, so that the tribal is quarantined against Naxalism. A way out is to target the leadership of the Naxals, so that the thought of Naxalism is not a refuge to some tribals. Otherwise, the Administration of India, would be at war against the mass of her poorest, and most deprived. People like Dr Sen, the pediatrician, should not be prosecuted, under any circunstances. He is not the cause, nor the effect, nor the originator of Naxalism


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December 27, 2010 at 5:54 pm

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