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ESPN Cricinfo ‘Legends of Cricket’.

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I have very recently started viewing the video series shown on the Cricinfo website, called the ‘Legends of Cricket’. The series has improved my knowledge on the game’s greats, like Richard Hadlee, Keith Miller, and Barry Richards immensely.

What strikes me about the batting of Barry Richards, is how easy he made batting look to the spectator. The spectator may have believed, that he could bat like the great batsman. Mr Richards’ batting does not strike me as beautiful, or attractive. He could hit the ball in any situation, it seems to me, he found himself in the middle of the pitch. I believe, that is genius. That is the hallmark of a true player, true to the situation that the player finds himself in.

Mr Keith Miller, was much like Wasim Akram, and Sir Richard Hadlee, as a bowler. All three did not bowl from a long run up. They did not have an extravagant jump before delivery, nor did they give the batsman facing, any clue as to what they were going to bowl. Mr Keith Miller reminds me a lot of Mr Barry Richards, as a batsman, although Mr Miller always was on the front foot, and thus, did not open his batting to more opportunity as did Barry Richards. How does the spectator feel, when he sees the three great bowlers bowl?  The spectator feels, that bowling is a much easier art, than is batting.


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November 8, 2010 at 1:08 pm

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