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I have recently purchased this book, and have read the preface and a part of the first chapter. I feel, that prevailing in an argument, happens, because the opposite number in the argument, is not able to structure his argument according to that of his nemesis on the argument. I have also procured the book ‘The Idea of Justice’, at the same time. Justice, in my opinion, is never communal, nor is it a utility of society, but it is entirely personal. If the person feels that justice has been done, then justice has been done, and there is no injustice. If on the other hand, a person feels that an injustice has been done upon him, or that an injustice can be done upon him, then this gives rise to injustice in the community, and in society. The best mode of justice is never to be a judge to others, and always to judge oneself. Beyond this, is how one administers justice to oneself, because of one’s actions.

On the other topic, on arguments, it has been inferred indirectly,  and rightly so, by Dr Sen, that an argument never is resolved, unless the argument does not exist. Arguments, in my opinion, should always be resolved, by those who have the means at their disposal.


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October 31, 2010 at 11:22 am

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