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Indian Democracy and it’s journey as a concept and practice.

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I have perhaps expressed this before, but in different terms. Let me express differently from before. Our model of Democracy, is inherently flawed, because our Parliamentary system of Democracy is copied entirely from the British Parliamentary system of Democracy. Our founders of Democracy, including Dr B R Ambedkar, could have envisioned a better form of representation to our Parliament. If a voice vote in Parliament, is the most determining form of vote in that assembly, then why do people need to use a voting system that is secretive, and prone to manipulation by vested interests, including the ‘Political Parties’?  In the history of Indian Democracy, all the major ‘Political Parties’, have ‘managed’ their electoral victories, if they have seen ‘victory’, in their political campaigns. The political scenario in West Bengal, has been a story of manipulating the voter, and lowering the dignity of the assembly of the government of West Bengal. The CPI(M) may have great leaders, in Mr Sitaram Yechury, Mr Buddhadeb Bhattacharya, and other notables, but the actions of that party’s political cadres, undermines severely, the dignity of the personae of the mentioned leaders, for being the leaders of the CPI(M). In the politics of the central legislature, or the parliament, the Congress Party divides the nation, by trying to manipulate the opinion of the electorate, favorably in it’s favor, and disfavorably in it’s opponent’s favor. I see the great nation of India,  being divided, by the ‘political parties’ who represent Her. Mr Narendra Modi, in Gujarat, tries to garner support by lowering the dignity of his opponents in the Congress Party, by his political speeches. Who should I believe, Mr Narendra Modi, or Ms Sonia Gandhi? Neither Ms Sonia Gandhi, nor Mr Narendra Modi believe in the democracy of India. They try to manipulate the public, into voting for their parties. Perhaps, this is my perception formed, and it is a wrong perception.

A better form of elections, would be for the smallest group in society to elect a leader, unanimously, not by vote, but by common consent, carrying the collective decision of the group. This, I believe, holds more legitimacy, than a vote balloted on a piece of paper, or on an electronic voting machine, which is done secretly. All the people who belong to the group, must have equal rights, of expression, and opinion. Unlike our ‘Political Parties’, who undermine others to further their political cause, there must be harmony and goodwill within this group. The leader of this group, has a voice to elect who represents him, in turn, and so on, and so forth. All this must be done, not in secrecy, but in full public view. Our political parties are not accountable, because of the secrecy of the ballot system of voting. Has any cabinet minister resigned, because of the Commonwealth Games fiasco? Will any Congress Party leader be perceived as not having discharged his/her duties, and who has also presided over other’s corrupt actions? Our leaders undermine even the British Parliamentary System of Democracy. What if British Parliamentarian’s, inculcate the Indian system of ‘Parliamentary Democracy’?

After the tenures of Pandit Nehru as Prime Minister, the politicians of India, whether they believe it or not, became disillusioned with the political system, and disillusioned with the people of India. I advice the Congress Party not to remind the people of India, that Mahatma Gandhi, and Pandit Nehru, belonged to them. The Congress carries out it’s misrule, in the name of Mahatma Gandhi, and Pandit Nehru, or if not, at least uses the august names in their election campaigns.


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October 20, 2010 at 5:02 am

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