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The Kashmir Conundrum for the Indian Government.

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Listening to different voices on Kashmir, it seems to me that everyone has a voice which does not concur completely, with another voice on the matter of Kashmir. For example, I even see the conundrum of the Bharatiya Janata Party when it has to meet the Government, when the Government of India does not see it fit, to perceive the B J P, as a legitimate political party, even when the Election Commission does not have any issues on not recognising the B J P, as a legitimate political party. How, and why should the B J P, act, and in what capacity, when the coalition in power, wants the population of India, to delegitimise the B J P, as a political party? Perhaps, the B J P, should rise above the governing coalition at the center, and make serious attempts to work for India, for the sake of India. They should even work with the Congress led government on this matter, and must do so.

I was watching Mr Sajjad Lone on television today. Mr Lone talks about the civilians who lost their lives, in conflict with the Police. However, if the government was to have a dialogue with the Kashmiri people, then who would represent the Kashmiri people? Also, Mr Lone must be asked, what does he want the dialogue to fructify and form, at the end? There was an interesting moment, when Mr Lone was asked, about how an Indian Army infantry personnel, was supposed to act, when there were militants taking shelter in a Kashmiri house, and fighting The Indian Army. The Indian Army is not trained to act in a manner, where the militants would be allowed to escape, and be a threat, again, by taking refuge in another house, and fight in a similar manner. The Kashmiri civilian is found between a rock, and a hard place. If I had a militant who was shooting at the Indian Army from my house, then would I not loose my life? The question is, would I prefer to die in the act of the Indian Army, or by the act of the militant? This is even a more perplexing question.

I am sure, that the Kashmiri would not throw stones at the militants, and so, I believe, that the Kashmiri does not see the militant as the answer to his questions. What exactly does the Kashmiri want? Why does he/she want to talk to India? I believe Kashmir to be as much mine, as would the house I own, if I did own a house. At least, the streets and roads of India, are as free to tread for the Kashmiri, as are the streets and roads of Srinagar.

The Congress is very reluctant to act, because the Congress believes that the state of Jammu & Kashmir, has a case for self determination, because India had put the issue in the United Nations. Why cannot the Congress refuse outright, the case for the dismembering of India, and ask for the United Nations to understand her position? Under no account, can Kashmir be separate from India. I am willing to loose the roof over my head, but Kashmir must not be lost to India. The Government of India, must have very cordial talks with Pakistan, and the issue must be resolved, to everyone’s benefit. India must engage in cordial talks with Pakistan. These talks must go on till Kashmir is a non-issue. India cannot see Kashmir go away from the Indian Union. Why does India not want Kashmir to go away from the Indian Union? Because India sees Kashmir and Kashmiri’s as a close member of India, an indispensible member.


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September 14, 2010 at 6:21 pm

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