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What should be the identity of India, and the idea of India? India is seen to be presented with challenges, now, more than ever before, because of the proliferation of private television broadcasting channels. It seems strange, that our leaders, of whom we are justly proud, should seem reticent on some occasions, as if the occasion or the event is predominant. Perhaps, in the political sphere, it is the fault of the ordinary man, that he needs to find reasons for what is not concerned with him, which is, the running of the proceedings of government.

I feel, that our great nation, which is destined to be the greatest nation ever, is loosing touch with her identity. We are finding that we need to search for answers, when the answers are in the questions. I would like to ask our esteemed political representatives, that is economic business, the answer to India’s needs? Why have those, who are in the forefront of the economic resurgence, not been able to address the myriad issues which put man in conflict with man? Does an Indian feel satisfied, having made his daily effort towards sustenance, or is he in conflict with his environment? Why has India, not been able to harmonize her internal, and external environment? Does the contemporary Indian believe in harmony, when he is in conflict with his/her surroundings? Is there anything for the Indian to aspire for beyond economic emancipation?

India is facing the Naxalite issue within her borders, because of current economic disparity among her people. Can it not be, that there might be external economic disparities, which may affect India, too? Is economics food for the soul? What causes peace and prosperity? Is India prosperous, and does anyone expect India to be peaceful, today? Is there no better way to prosperity, but through conflict? If there is conflict then what may be the cause of the genesis of any conflict? Perhaps, when we ourselves cannot accept a conflict within, then we look at reasons as to the existence of the conflict. What can make us look at a conflict objectively, and make us act without conflict?


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August 26, 2010 at 7:25 pm

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