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What can be done for Kashmir?

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Kashmir is an integral part of India. The Government of India, should deal with the immediate law and order problem in the state. If Kashmir is an integral part of India, then the Government of Jammu & Kashmir, is equally Kashmiri, and equally Indian, and so are the forces which represent the mentioned Government. The Government forces have a right to immediate self defense. Why repeal the A F S P A, when the army is not patrolling the streets and towns of Jammu & Kashmir? Why the demand for the repeal of the A F S P A?  The Government should ignore such issues, which are not of immediate urgency. India, should not treat the issue of Jammu & Kashmir as an outstanding problem, but as an issue to do with the legitimacy of India. Perhaps, the people of J & K are better off than the rest of India, and even then, their aspirations are very different from what they get. The people of India, must stand by the government. The government needs to act now, and with understanding. Like I have mentioned, the armed constabulary, have to act, purely in self defense. But the armed police, must discharge their normal duties. No special measures need to be taken by the C R P F, because they are posted in Kashmir. The government must engage the people of the state, and not only through the National Conference. Why do not the political parties of India, join the National Conference, and why are they seen to be non existent in Kashmir? They must join the mainstream of Kashmir, even though it may be risky. Apart from the Congress Party, the B J P, does not seem to be interested.

The Government is lucky, that there is no widespread disaffection in the rest of India too. This current situation, may be curtailed, but the Government has to govern, as if the wellbeing of India is at stake. The Government must make the citizen proactive, in the well-being of India, the nation which belongs to the citizen.


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August 2, 2010 at 5:48 pm

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