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Some notes on Political Theory.

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I am going through the text of the IGNOU Bachelor of Arts course, on the topic Political Ideas and Ideologies. The course material is very well presented, and to my liking. Some unusual ideas sprung up in my mind, on account of me beginning to read this course material.

Political Science, in the manner of any study, determines to elucidate in full when it tries to explore the topic, covered by itself. This is a fallacious determination. In my opinion, in more common phraseology, the study of any subject, comes to a completion in it’s contemplation, but an end to it’s contemplation, does not lead to an end in the pursuit of knowledge, and the gain of knowledge, in that field. So, perhaps, all what is finally determined, in a period of a course of study, is not determinative, but a first step, to further determinations, if one so chooses, and also if others so choose.

The introduction to Political Science, lists the various difficulties observed in the modern political world, which are identity politics, sectarianism, Globalization, coupled with global instability, and no doubt, some would point to the issue of communal tensions too, which may be seen as an extension of identity politics.

In my humble opinion, these problems exist, because democracy exists in it’s current form. If one looks at the issue of identity politics, which may be seen as disruptive, by the ruling government, I would then also view, that the identity of the ruling party/parties involved, encourages identity politics, and the ruling party/parties, along with the disruptions, have also inherited the political power, in the respective political establishment. Sectarianism, is an offshoot of this policy of identity, as are also communal tensions. Just as the liberal classes demonstrate when they perceive the ideals of liberalism as not being adhered to, in speech, and action, those who believe in communal ideals, act similarly, when they see their ideals slighted. I daresay, in some nations, liberalism is as unwanted as communal politics are in other nations.

If the current political situation leads to Globalization, along with global instability, then why cannot the world governments make this work in the favor of their subjects, in the favor of the globe, and in their own favor? If global instability exists, because Globalization exists, then is the world community able to give up Globalization in the common good? If not, then why not make global instability work for the common good? What is unstable, in the world political mechanism? How can communal identities be made to work for the larger good? How can identity politics be made beneficial?

I see the world stand by the notion of democracy, but not stand by herself, in relation to the notion of democracy, dictatorship, etc.


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August 1, 2010 at 2:31 pm

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