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The Kashmir Conundrum.

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The Vale of Kashmir, has seen unrest, over the past few days. Why is the conundrum over Kashmir, seeing periodic festering? The situation is such, that there is a period of calm, with an intersperse of violence. The perception is such, in Kashmir, and in the rest of India, that there needs to be a solution to the problems of Kashmir, apparently, a political solution, to a political problem. What exactly is the political problem of Kashmir? Under the rule of the British, Kashmir was seen to be a part of India. Kashmir is a natural part of India, south of the rest of Asia. How has the idea been conceived, in some quarters, that Kashmir needs to have independence? Why so? Because Kashmir is disputed between India, and Pakistan? Pakistan and India, were not formed, by the people of former Greater India. Pakistan, and India, were formed by the then British Government. I believe, that India, and Pakistan, should resolve the dispute. India, will not give Pakistan the vale of Kashmir. Nor will Pakistan give to India, North-West Kashmir. How did Pakistan come to have North-West Kashmir, and India, the vale of Kashmir? Perhaps, our leaders, when the valley was divided, when war was being engaged between India, and Pakistan, decided on the line of separation. This is the cause of great angst, of the people of Kashmir. They see their land, being divided, between enemies. Why not open the borders of Kashmir, for the people of Kashmir? It is true, that the Kashmiri’s did not want their homeland divided. But then, neither did the Pakistani’s, or Indian’s, want Punjab, or Bengal, divided. It is a tribute to the Kashmiri’s that they do not see their land divided. I also believe, that the Indian Government, and the Pakistan Government, should not let inter-state enmity, between India, and Pakistan, make the Kashmiri people feel, that their land has been divided between enemies, and not because the Kashmiri people want their land to be divided. Why cannot the Indian Government discuss the conundrum with Pakistan? I believe, that dialogue on Kashmir, will foster understanding, not loose India, her place in Kashmir. Why should India, be at  a disadvantage, with Pakistan, over discussions on Kashmir? After all, Pakistan is also in the region , much against India’s wishes. Why should Kashmir be an issue between India, and Pakistan, when the people across Kashmir are united? Why not allow the people of Kashmir complete freedom to ply between the demarcated regions? What has Pakistan, or India, got against the solution? India, must have transparent dialogue, with Pakistan, and put it across, that India is there to stay in Kashmir, but also to address the aspirations of the Kashmiri people, who are also Indians. The government cannot be a law unto itself, in a democracy. Why bring the precious lives of the Kashmiri’s the CRPF, and the Indian Army, into jeopardy, by making some misguided people feel that they are instigated into violence? Does the Indian Government care about her people, or is India, viewing the Congress Party’s ‘Indira Syndrome’, where the Congress Party decides for India what is good or bad, regardless of anything? Has the government of India, ever taken the ‘Aam Aadmi’, into confidence? The government always acts for the ‘Aam Aadmi’, but without taking into account, the ‘Aam Aadmi’s aspirations. Is the government powerless, to take the people into confidence? Because many people do not have educational qualifications, does it mean, that they are only voting, because India is a democracy, and not because they are fit to vote?


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July 8, 2010 at 6:27 pm

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