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How is the Aam Aadmi connected to India?

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How is the common man in India, connected to India? How are the various political parties connected to India? Does the Indian, act in self-interest, or for the sake of common-interest, or for another cause? The opposition did not do itself any favours, by calling a bandh, and forcing their will on the common man. If this bandh had not been so vehemently supported by the opposition political parties to the U P A, ruling coalition, and if the bandh was to be observed in a personal way by the individual, then the bandh would not have made an impact. Is the Indian Government responsible for the price rise,  of the rise in the prices of petroleum products,, or is the rise in the prices of petroleum products, because of  other reasons, which the government has made the common man bear? Perhaps the price rise of petroleum products could have been deferred to a later date, when the effect of the monsoon on essential perishable commodities was seen.

Who is the harbinger of inflation? The producer, and the consumer, in the market. If the consumer so wants, then he/she can bring down inflation. The consumer is the cause of the rise in demand. If the consumer consumes less, perhaps a little less, then the demand in the market will decrease, in proportion to the size of the market. The producer, will see the decrease in revenue, and the decrease in the consumption of the consumer. He will then, bring the prices down. Are those who are consuming, consuming more than before?

Can the market be more flexible in the distribution of goods and services? The poor man, or the Aam Aadmi, does not need a lot. He does not need fuel, to run cars. Can the public transport be further subsidized, with the rise in fuel prices? Because of the rise in fuel prices, can the fuel price, take it’s share of the burden, in its rise?

For example, in the distribution of perishable essential items, can an increase in the price of distribution, bring down the cost, of the item being distributed? How will the price of distribution, or fuel prices, be able to sustain, if the price cannot be borne by the common man? The common man is feeling the pinch, but where? If the prices of essential perishable commodities can be financed, or “serviced” by the rise of transportation costs, then prices will come down, across the board.

Why are prices rising? Because those who are earning more, are passing on the benefits to those with whom they have financial transactions, but they pass on the benefits in a certain manner. In what way, can the petroleum companies, be profitable, and bring their consumers “to the party”? Perhaps, by balancing their profits, between the large consumers of petroleum products, who are a few, and encouraging the spending of the common man, by making the needs of  the many, cost less.This will ease the pressure on the petroleum companies, and keep prices stable. Increase  in the volumes of the sales to the common man, of perishable essential commodities, will make the burden bearable.

Perhaps, the petroleum companies can give a concession on the volume of goods transported, on a proportionately increasing basis, and balance their profits accordingly.  After all, every consumer, including the Aam Aadmi, wants to pay less, where it matters the most.


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July 5, 2010 at 5:19 pm

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