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Should the Armed Forces Special Powers Act be revoked, or amended in India?

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In my humble opinion, the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, remains as an act, because of the failure of the Indian Civilian Administration. People say, that the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, (or, the A S F P Act), should be amended, to make the Army more accountable, but accountable to whom? The Army is accountable to the Constitution of India. The Indian Army is not a subservient appendage of the Indian Administrative machienery, but a part of the machienery. Why does the Indian Government allow the Indian Army to remain in Kashmir? Because, otherwise, Kashmir will not remain in India. Who is to account for the situation in Kashmir? The Indian Army, The Hurriat Conference, The elected Government of Jammu & Kashmir, The Indian Central Government , the people of India, and the people of Kashmir, who belong to India, are all equally accountable for the situation in Kashmir.

The Indian Army is given guide-lines by the powers-that-be, in the Indian Army, on how to act according to the A S F P Act. Why is it so, that the Indian Army is seen to have killed some people who are supposed to have engaged in a game of cricket? Perhaps, others are responsible, for the action initiated by the Army. Who gave the Indian Army intelligence, the information on these innocent people? If the Indian Army strongly suspects that they might come under attack, then how should they react?  Why is not the ordinary Kashmiri civilian not responsible if he/she pelts stones on the police, and the Indian Army? Is the Indian Army an irresponsible entity? Why is not the Indian Army not involved in counter-insurgency operations in Mumbai, or Kolkata? Why is the A F S P Act not envoked in New Delhi? Should trouble mongers, like Sayed Shah Geelani, just be asked to leave India, and Kashmir? Should the Hurriat Conference, who is partly responsible for the unrest in Kashmir, be allowed to undermine the lives and livihood of the people of Kashmir, and put the blame entirely on the Indian Government? Who is Sayed Shah Geelani, in India, or Kashmir? Is he the Emir of Kashmir? Why is he so important in Pakistan? If he sees himself as a Pakistani, then why does he foment trouble in India? Why do I need to think of a trouble monger, who covets the whole of Kashmir as his own, when he perhaps, owns a house in Kashmir, and who obviously doesn’t value the lives of Kashmiri’s, other than his own? He is to rule Kashmir, when Kashmir gets Aazadi, and others are supposed to give up their lives for Aazadi? Why does he not face a bullet, and end his life for Kashmir? Why does he want to create mischief, instead?

If Mr Geelani had his way, then Kashmir would not be a part of India. Why is he a part of Kashmir? He can gain asylum in the vales of Switzerland. All those, who do not want Kashmir to be a part of India, why are they a part of Kashmir?

I do not believe that the A F S P Act should be revoked, but that the act is a necessary requirement, anywhere, where people take the law into their hands, in the name of separating from India.


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July 4, 2010 at 4:07 pm

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