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The Role of The Indian Government.

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 The Indian government, perhaps, has to re-define, and has to make clear, also to those not conversant with the subject of civics, how it influences the lives of all Indians, and it’s role in the lives of all Indian’s. The government, at the present time, is also not conversant with all it’s subjects. How can the subjects find a connect with the functioning of government? For instance, what is the every-day business of government with regard to the ordinary citizen of India? How can the government be more intimate with it’s subjects? Along with the politician, what is the role of the bureaucrat in a government office, in this regard?

 India, being a nation which has a large population on, or below the poverty-line, how can India reconcile the destiny of India’s poor, to the destiny of India’s government? Surely, where there is a way, there is a will, and vice-versa? Perhaps, why not have a representative of a poor segment of society, to represent the poor segment of society to the government, with the agreement of the government, and the section of society, which the representative of the poor represents? After all, the politician represents the citizen, but, how does the citizen represent itself to the politician? Every constituency, may have a number of voices, which represent the respective interests to the elected representative. Also, perhaps, let the different representations vote their representatives, while the representatives together vote the elected representative, who has the general approval of the representations. This, I believe, is the best way, to eradicate party politics in India, which has a role in dividing the nation.

 Please give your opinion on this post, and it’s message, as is perceived by you.


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May 28, 2010 at 6:43 pm

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